Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?  - Please see our Product List for all product pricing.


2. Does the tube still hold rounds?  - No, the tube is empty.  It may hold our Springbok Pump Assist system, however the OEM spring and follower are removed.  The shotgun is purely mag fed.


3. What is the Springbok Pump Assist?  - The Springbok Pump Assist is a Black Aces Tactical original.  The action tube is sprung.  After the shot, your natural reaction is to rack back.  The Springbok Pump Assist pulls the action tube forward for you, chambering the next round.  You can run very fast with this system.


4.  Do you sell the Springbok Pump Assist separately? - No, we do not.  It's an in house install only.


5. Is it legal in (insert state here)?  - Yes, the long barrel shotguns are 50 State legal.   Please check your local laws for details.  The short barrel weapons are not legal in California, New York, nor Massachusetts.


6. When in the semiautomatic coming? - It is here.


7.  Do you make a kit for my shotgun, (insert random shotgun here)? - No.  While our patent covers every shotgun ever created, we for now have chosen a Mossberg 500 base as the Mossberg 500 has lent itself very well to being mag fed.


8. Do the barrels accept chokes? - You will need to check the specifications of the specific firearm.  Many of our firearms do accept chokes.


9.  What rounds do the shotguns accept?- 2 3/4 Buckshot, birdshot, and slugs.  The mags do not accept 3 or 3.5 inch shells.  We use Remington during our testing.


10. Do the shotguns ship direct or to an FFL? - You can order direct. We make it very easy.  We handle the licensing with the destination FFL.  The shotguns and receivers are serialized items and while they can be ordered direct from us, we must by law ship to an FFL.  When ordering you can specify your desired FFL in either the "Notes" section when viewing your cart or in the "Shipping Address" when checking out.


11.  Are there refunds on shotguns? - No, there are no refunds on shotguns.  Completed weapons once they leave the Black Aces Tactical facility are out of the control of Black Aces Tactical, and therefore do not qualify for a refund.  Occasionally Black Aces Tactical will accept reservations for special upcoming projects. 


12.  What is your cancellation policy? - Black Aces Tactical will assess a 50% fee to any and all cancelled purchases.  50% restocking fee applies to any any all purchases made through Black Aces Tactical.


13. How old do I have to be to purchase?  - For barrel 18" and above, 18 years old and older can purchase.  For short barrels, barrel under 18", a customer must be 21 years of age or older.



Suppressor Warranty Statement


Black Aces Tactical takes pride in our United States based machining and assembly capabilities and stand behind our products.  We will gladly repair our product at no charge in the event of defects in material and workmanship. If damage occurs as a result of your use and mishandling, you can trust our reasonable repair pricing.


Black Aces Tactical certifies that all sound suppressors manufactured by them are free of defects in materials and/or workmanship, and that they meet manufacturing specifications at the time of manufacture. It is our intent that the customer be completely satisfied with the product. Certain Black Aces Tactical products may be classified as ordnance and/or implements of war and are sold by us with the specific understanding that Black Aces Tactical has taken every reasonable precaution in providing our customers with inherently safe merchandise.  We assume no liability whatsoever for unsafe handling or operation by the purchaser or his agents. Black Aces Tactical assumes no responsibility whatsoever and we will honor no claims for damages, regardless of nature, for physical injury or property damage resulting from careless and/or irresponsible handling, adjustments to equipment, improper operation, neglect, or abuse. Black Aces Tactical reserves the right to make changes at any time and without notice, in prices, to change specification or design, to add or remove accessory materials, and to add or delete items without incurring any obligation. Use of ammunition that does not meet SAAMI specifications will void all warranties.



Once an order has been placed and BATFE paperwork has been filed there is a sliding scale for returns/order cancellation based on our investment of time and effort in filing paperwork, various production and shipping costs incurred by Black Aces Tactical, and allocation of inventory to a specific customer, preventing us from selling it to someone else during the time period that BATFE is processing paperwork. In some cases, a VOID request or return transfer paperwork must also be filed so the silencer is not recorded as in your inventory by the BATFE, adding to our labor costs. Restock fees are as follow:


...Cancellation after purchase: 40%

...Cancellation after BATFE paperwork is filed, but product has not yet shipped: 50% restock/cancellation fee.

...Cancellation once BATFE forms are approved, but product has not yet shipped: 75% restock/cancellation fee. .

...Cancellation after shipment/receipt of product: 90% restocking fee.

...Return of product after use or modification: NO REFUNDS. RETURN OF DAMAGED/DEFECTIVE SUPPRESSORS


If a suppressor is damaged due to a manufacturing defect once it has been fired, it may be returned to Black Aces Tactical for repair or replacement. Determination to repair or replace is made solely at our discretion and only after we have opportunity to examine and determine cause of damage is due to manufacturer defect. It is the responsibility of the customer to cover shipping costs and insurance to return the suppressor to Black Aces Tactical for inspection or repair. Black Aces Tactical will pay any reasonable shipping and insurance costs to return the unit to you. For any repair returns, to ensure proper legal procedures are completed,


Proper documentations required:  Copy of issued stamp, Black Aces Tactical General Service Form properly completed.






There has been a sudden and substantial increase in order volume across the sporting goods industry. With this Processing times have increased, please allow 21-28 business days for processing times.
Our distributor network is currently prohibiting us from canceling or updating shipments. As a result, we are unable to cancel/modify orders after they have been placed.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

Please provide all FFL preference requests to our Operations Manager, 

An FFL is a Federal Firearms License.  In the case of shipment, it is the destination dealer to where the serialized items ship.  All serialized items such as receivers and complete shotguns require an FFL from a destination dealer to be sent to us prior to shipment. Please put your dealer information in the shipping address or Notes area when viewing your cart.   We generally give your selected dealer seven days to respond to our request.   In the event that you do not provide a dealer or your selected dealer does not respond, we will locate a dealer for you local to the shipping address in your order. All local and state laws of the customer apply.  If no dealer is specified, we go by zip code to find a dealer close to you.  If shipment is rejected, additional costs could be incurred. 

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We at Black Aces Tactical are dedicated to provided the absolute best custom shotgun accessories. We manufacture our products in America, right here in Central Florida, with American materials and machined by American craftsmen. We guarantee you will be impressed with the finish, the quality, and the prices of our pieces. If there are any questions, please contact us straight away


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