Once again, Black Aces Tactical gives you the weapon you want without breaking the bank!  We start with fresh Glock 19 Gen 4 pistols and upgrade them with the most contemporary slide design with Trijicon RMR cuts and covers standard!  We then cerakote the slides and covers black for that clean, professional feel and appearance.  Black Aces addresses the Glock trigger as well with a Ghost MFG full 3.5lb trigger kit to give you that butter smooth trigger pull.  


Then the best part.  Black Aces Tactical uses its 50W fiber laser to cleanly and professionally stipple one of 7 patterns onto your frames.  We even etch the barrels to match!  Have a look at other companies and you'll see that not only are you paying anywhere from 40%- 100% more, you'll find that they stipple with a low end hot iron.  We feel a hot iron does not offer a clean finish and does not offer a good feel to the hand.  As you can tell by the photos, our Black Aces laser stippling is crystal clean, crisp, and clean.  Our customers deserve nothing but the best.  


♠️ Ghost MFG 3.5lb trigger kit
♠️ Professional Laser stippling
♠️ Matching Laser Etched Barrel
♠️ RMR cut/cover standard
♠️ Beautifully machined slide
♠️ Black Cerakote slide and cover


Given the incredible demand for these custom Glocks, there is a small 7-10 week lead time. Please know that this lead time is some of the shortest in the industry.   What you will have is an incredible custom Glock 19 with the quality, look, and feel that you have always wanted and deserve!  15rd magazines standard, however if you are in a restrictive state 10rd magazines will be supplied.

Glock 19, Sparrow Slide

Barrel Style
Frame/Barrel Stippling
Trijicon RMR

    All serialized items such as receivers and complete shotguns require an FFL to be sent to us prior to shipment.  All local and state laws of the customer apply.

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    We at Black Aces Tactical are dedicated to provided the absolute best custom shotgun accessories. We manufacture our products in America, right here in Central Florida, with American materials and machined by American craftsmen. We guarantee you will be impressed with the finish, the quality, and the prices of our pieces. If there are any questions, please contact us straight away


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