The location of the safety button on the 930 and 500-series is ideal, but the design leaves a lot to be desired. Fixing the safety is probably the most common repair on the these models. There are two reasons why you might have to fix the safety:

1. The safety button, which is plastic on some models, broke.
2. The shotgun performed the Mossberg "disappearing safety button" trick. The safety button is held in place by a single short screw that goes through the safety button and threads into the top of the safety block inside the receiver. If this screw works loose, the safety button and some of its ancillary parts will go flying.

The one piece of good news is that repairing the safety is fairly simple, although thanks to some silliness on Mossberg’s part it takes a fair amount of time and labor to really do it right. But if you can detail-strip and reassemble the gun, and if you’ve got a Dremel or other rotary tool handy, you should be able to make the repair no problem.

Manufactured by Black Aces Tactical. Proudly Made in America.


T6 6061 back plate construction, polymer shell support
Type 2 black anodizing
Mounting hardware included
Made in America

Mossberg 500/590/930/935 Billet Safety


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